One of the simplest form of cooking is frying, and this is just what we have here. Why is it part of Millie’s recipes? It’s all about the fish. Bangus is one of Filipino staple foods, being one of the most available economic food source for the general public in our country. It’s called Milkfish in English. We love this fish among a few many. When marinated properly and crispy-fried, garnished with calamansi-squeezed, soy sauce and small chunks of sliced tomatoes, then served with rice… with Pritong Bangus or Fried Bangus, we don’t need anything else!

Ingredients: 2-3 servings

2 large Bangus cut in quarters(bone-in)
1/4 cup vinegar or citrus like calamansi juice, if none, use lemon as a substitute
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. crushed black peppers
cooking oil

Frying Instructions:

  1. Simply wash and clean Bangus, remove all internal organs, chop the fins but leave the head on, then cut them in 4 quarters. Marinate Bangus with vinegar or citrus of your choice, add salt and pepper. Leave it in the fridge to marinate for 30-45 minutes.
  2. Heat enough oil on a deep pan to preform the frying process. Carefully drop marinated Bangus on the heated oil. Let it fry on one side of the fish for about 10 minutes, or until the bottom side (fish part, touching most of the heated oil on the pan) is golden brown.
  3. When the bottom side is cooked or golden brown, flip it to the other and let it fry until both sides are golden brown. Check the inner part of Bangus to make sure it’s also cooked. If not, it will help of you drizzle hot oil in as you continue to fry.
  4. When done, remove fried Bangus from the heat and transfer fried fish on a paper towel covered strainer to drain excess oil. Serve Pritong Bangus or Fried Bangus with steamed rice and other side dish of your choice. Eat with caution, it’s a bone-in dish!

Tip: On a small bowl, pour enough amount of soy sauce, cut 1 medium tomato in small chunks, squeeze some calamansi or lime, thoroughly combine and use it as your dipping sauce. You can also garnish it with small amount of chopped cilantro, if desired.