Popular Filipino Meat Recipes

Filipino cuisine is known for its diverse range of flavors and ingredients, and meat dishes are a staple in Filipino households. From savory stews to crispy roasted pork, Filipino meat recipes are beloved for their bold flavors and unique combinations of spices and sauces. Some of the most popular Filipino meat dishes include adobo, sinigang, kare-kare, lechon, bistek, and mechado. These delicious Filipino recipes are often served with steamed rice and vegetables and are enjoyed by Filipinos worldwide. This website will allow you to explore these dishes in more detail and discover what makes them so unique.

Here is a collection of some of the most beloved Filipino meat recipes shared by our family contributors. Ranging from Bjorn’s Native Chicken Adobado, to Cathy or Mark’s Pork Sinigang and Pork Adobo to Nimfa or Ludwig’s Beef Caldereta, Mel’s Bicol Express and Adobadong Turingan, and Janis’s Inasal or Pork Barbecue, there is something for everyone. Above all, our leading chef Millie continues to delight us with her fantastic Filipino meat recipes, including Chicken Humba, Afritada, Pochero, and much more. With this wide array of dishes, you’re sure to find something to enjoy at your own kitchen table!