Meet Our Awesome Cooks

Let’s get to know a little bit of our Filipino Eggrolls Experts.

Superior Cook, Millie

Creative Cook, Melds

That Male Cook, Mark

Fabulous Cook, Cathy

Sweetest Cook, Missy

Not a Cook, Nimfa

Smartest Cook, Janis

Mayon Volcano & the Cagsawa Ruins

What lies beneath such an amazingly mesmerizing scenery, reveals astounding stories filled with love, beauty and sadness. Based on record history, Mayon has erupted at least 57 times, since its first, in 1616. It stands 8,081 ft above the gulf of Albay.

Known for its perfect cone, Mayon remains the most active volcano in the Philippines. It has suffered so many lives, and the Cagsawa Ruins bears the sad memory from one of its catastrophic events. Wonder why we feature so much of it? This monstrous beauty stands close to home.

Note: Background painting, courtesy of my beloved brother Jesus Estrada.

Our Stories

There’s a saying: “A family that plays together stays together.” Filipinos are known to raise a close knit family, and so is ours! Although we are not perfect as no one is, we love and adore each other. Telling endless stories and preparing our favorite filipino recipes are just some of those we enjoy doing together as a family. We are all chefs in our own rights! Here we are and we can show you why….

Millie and Family

“I’m bound to cook, I even went to college for it! I grew up around cooking. My aunt brought me up learning to make all kinds of goodies for parties and gatherings. In college, I majored in Food Service Technology & Management, and I’ve been cooking since!

Bruce and I have been married for over 30 years.  Our wedding was held in a small farm in a patch of Shasta Daisies. The nuptial was so private… we were amazed to see the family’s farm cows coming over to watch, then left as soon as the ceremony was over. Together we raised our sweetest, lovely, pride and joy in the world, Melissa Renee.

Cooking is my daily workout and I’ll be doing it for the rest of my life. When I welcome you in my home, I swear you will never be hungry!” – Millie

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Janis and Family

“As a child, I watched my parents cook delicious foods from our outdoor kitchen. I loved the taste of spicy Bicol dishes cooked in coconut milk, and fried fish on the side. It’s the staple food on our table during family dinners. While a few vegetables were planted and harvested from our backyard, I enjoyed exploring our local market, looking for fresh produce and ingredients. As I moved to the city in college, I was exposed to many unique dishes and specialties from other provinces.

While overseas, I continue to explore around international cultures and foods, unabashingly eager to try one menu to the next. This drives my passion for cooking, and so, I try to experiment on preparing one dish to another, while adding my own twist on every meal I serve.

Now that I’m a wife and a mother of two, though it may not be everyday, I often cook Bicol dishes, not only to satisfy my cravings, but to perfect my recipes and be able to serve good meals for my family.” – Janis

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Missy at the Beach

“Born and raised in Idaho, I’m an Idaho potato through and through. If money were no object, I would own a Filipino-American fusion food truck. I love Star Wars, Disneyland, adventuring and trying new foods, and my two bunnies, named Bill and Fleur.

When I’m not in the kitchen at home, I am a full-time graduate student, part-time barista, and a staff member on the music team at a church in the greater Salt Lake City area. ”

I enjoy traveling and trying foods from all over the world, and being immersed in different cultures. I love to cook and create my own twist on different foods in my spare time. One of my favorite things to do, is share my food creations with friends, from macaroni and cheese eggrolls to ube pavlova and turmeric lattes.” – Missy

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Nimfa and Donnie

“My husband and I knew each other for quite some time before “tying the knot” in Manila… celebrated our wedding with an interestingly weird ceremony attached to it. With love and devotion, through thick and thin, we stay together enjoying our times of adventures, mostly around loving families and close friends.

Like most of us in the family, I was born and raised in Ligao, City, lived with one of my older sisters while in high school, in Guinobatan. I took college courses in Legazpi, but completed my bachelor’s degree in Manila. A year and a half after completing college, I then moved to the USA, in search of a greener pasture.

I’ve learned many things through the years, like cooking and building our family website. We have a breed of talents that I’m proud of to tell stories about. Smart ones, the not-so-smart ones tongue-out, singers, artists, musicians, teachers, lawyers, nurses, CPAs, COOKS! Such talents need complimented!” – Nimfa

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Cathy and Family

“I currently live in beautiful Colorado…married to Rich for over 14 years! We have a family of two children… my stepson, Richey and my lovely teenage daughter, Cassandra Alexie.

I was born in Ligao, Philippines, a city based in the eastern part of Albay, a province of Bicol. It’s a small town I grew up in, where most families have lived for generations… a place where everybody knows everybody. I’m the oldest of 6 siblings, whom I love and adore so dearly. Those fun memories growing up makes me feel like a Ligaoenia through and through.

As a bakery shop worker, I’m surrounded by delicious treats everyday. The smell of freshly baked pastries and desserts? Yes! I love sweets and I get  to eat some for free! Thank you and lots of love to you all!” – Cathy

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Melds and Daughter Kylie

“My friends and family call me Mel for short. I’ve been living in Belgium for over 20 years. I met my husband, Jeff, through my aunt. We both raise our lovely daughter, my pride and joy, Kylie, who’s now in college.

My first in a different country at the time was a bit strange to me. Learning another language to be able to adjust to their culture was quite a challenge. Knowing the fact that I was leaving my family to a strange world wasn’t easy… but time has changed through all those years! I now have a daughter I treasure so dearly. As time went on, preparing Belgian dishes became my interest. Learning to acquire to their cookings and their recipe preparations became my passion… and it’s now my profession.

Although I’ve been in Belgium for many long years, my heart still belongs to my hometown, Guinobatan. My love for our customs and traditions, specially our foods and our ways of cooking remains the same!” – Mel

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Mark and Family

“I live with my wife, Melissa, and our 3 boys, in a small town called Guinobatan. It has become my second hometown since raising my family. Where I was actually born is in a tiny Barangay town called Cavasi, which is in Ligao, City. I was raised in a simple life, with 5 of my siblings. We didn’t have much, but we surrounded ourselves with lots of love and fun memories. I recall us growing vegetables and poultry at our backyard, and the food we had were mostly homegrown.

I probably got this gene of cooking good food from my father. He is an excellent cook. I’m no perfect cook, I don’t always have recipes to follow. I gather whatever we got from my pantry, then do my best to produce a good tasting meal, my family can enjoy each day.

I try to share my recipes by selling them to my neighbors. We don’t have a fancy store, but I create enough meals that my wife and I can sell at our front yard. I’m proud of what I can accomplish each day.” – Mark

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Ma and Pa

You’ve been God’s great instrument in bringing us all into this challenging, but wonderful world! Without you there’s no “us”. It’s you who taught us love, loyalty, kindness, toughness, courage, strength, responsibility, artistry, love for music and cooking!… the urge to sympathy and willingness to help others.

Although we miss you so much, we know that you’re in a better place now, with the rest in the family who also left us too soon! We very well know we will meet again, someday. Lots of love to you all!

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