Filipino Breakfast, Dessert & Snacks

Here we share an enticing blend of flavors and influences, as we introduce a variety of Filipino breakfast and snack recipe selections that we grew up with to enjoy. Bursting with bold tastes and comforting textures, Filipino breakfasts and snacks provide a delightful start to the day and offer satisfying pick-me-ups throughout the day. From the hearty and savory silog breakfast plates, to the sweet and delectable kakanin snacks, these dishes embody the warmth and richness of Filipino culture.

We will introduce you to a variety of popular Filipino breakfast and snack options that showcase the unique ingredients and culinary creativity of the Philippines, as we invite you to enjoy the vibrant tastes and traditions of Filipino mornings and snack times in your own home.

From Millie’s smooth and fluffy Brazo de Mercedes, Ube-flavored Biko and Buko Pie, to Janis’s award-winning Leche Flan, Turon or delectable Macaroni Salad, and not to mention Ludwig’s Puto Kutsinta, Sapin-sapin, Biniribid, to Miles and Cathy’s Pinakru, Ube Halaya and many more, we’re certain you’ll have a great time deciding what to try next. And we haven’t even started with breakfast items yet, like Pritong Daing, Ginisang Itlog Tocino and Longaniza! And how about Janis’s pickled Hatsara staff? There are so many dishes to choose from, it’s truly amazing!