Halo-Halo is perhaps the most popular Filipino dessert that’s considered a street food. Also spelled as Halu-halo, the term basically means “mixed” in English. It’s a lavish mixture of finely chipped ice, evaporated or sweetened condensed milk, then topped with list of tropical fruit ingredients, like young coconut strips, mango or jackfruits slices, fruit preserves such as, kaong, nata de coco, macapuno, gulaman or tapioca, root crop preserves like ube halaya, then topped with ice cream or a slice of flan. Beans, pinipig and sometimes Saba bananas cubes are also part of the halo halo recipe.

Here we have an example of Janis’s homemade Halo-Halo, in which she topped her ice chips with nata de coco, sweet beans, sago(tapioca), flan and ube ice cream. There are no rules in making your own homemade Halu-halo recipe. You can add as many ingredients you wish to enjoy. Assuming some ingredients are already cooked, making this popular Filipino dessert is easy to do. Asian stores also sell some ready-made Halo-halo ingredients that you can easily purchase. Yes, you don’t have to be in a restaurant to pay for a Halo-Halo special. You can easily make your own, at the comfort of your home!

Ingredients: 2 servings

1/2 cup of ice chips
1/4 cup of evaporated milk
1/4 cup sweetened, condensed milk(optional)
1 quarter of leche flan
1/4 cup of sweetened sago(tapioca pearls)
1/4 cup of sweet beans
3-4 slices of sweetened jackfruit slices
2 scoops of Ube ice cream


  1. First, apply a portion of the sweetened beans and sago(tapioca pearls) on the bottom of the Halo halo glass you will use.
  2. Pour some ice chips on top, add evaporated or sweetened, condensed milk on top depending on your choice.
  3. Follow ice chips with the remaining sweet beans and sago, nata de coco, sweetened jackfruits, the add a quarter of the flan and 1-2 scoops of Ube ice cream. Enjoy its deliciousness!

Tip: Check on Janis’s page for her Leche Flan recipe. You have a choice apply sweetened condensed milk if you think the Halo-halo recipe you’re making lacks sweetness based on the other sweet ingredients you’re using. Otherwise, you can stick to evaporated milk or both. Your choice.