We all prepare each of our own Lumpia recipes differently. Mark’s Lumpia Giniling recipe preparation is quite similar to my Lumpia Shanghai. The difference with his Ground Pork Lumpia recipe, is that he added shredded hotdogs to the ground pork. It’s just another defining meal for you to consider.

Ingredients: 1 pack of Lumpia wrappers creates 12 pieces or more eggrolls

1 lb. ground pork
1/2 dozen hotdogs, finely shredded
4 large shredded carrots
6 stalks shredded celery
salt & pepper to taste
1 pack eggroll wrappers

Cooking Procedure:

Place ground pork on a large bowl. Add all the shredded vegetables and hotdogs, season it with salt and pepper. Thoroughly combine all ingredients, the set aside.

Open the eggroll wrappers packet, start separating each wrapper gently, to avoid tearing them apart. Keep wrappers moist by covering them with a clean moist towel to prevent them from drying up.

Crack open and scramble the egg on a medium bowl. Place one eggroll wrapper sheet on a clean flat surface or a plate, positioning the lumpia wrapper to a diamond shape, with one of the corner tips pointed towards you.

Horizontally spread 1-2 tablespoons of the mixed ingredients on the lower part of the wrapper(part that’s closer to you), but leave enough space on the edge that will allow you to fold the tip facing you, as the first step to secure the Lumpia fillings.

Next, grab the left and right corners of the wrapper towards the center, tuck both ends in, then gently roll the closed fillings towards the top edge of the wrapper.

Once wrapped, seal the top edge by brushing it with the scrambled egg. Press the tip down to stick with the opposite edge of the wrapper to finally secure the fillings. Repeat the same procedure until every portion of the ground pork lumpia recipe is wrapped.

Heat up enough oil on a deep pan to prepare the deep-frying process. Use a tong to fry each wrapped ground pork Lumpia (Filipino Ground Pork Eggroll) until golden brown.

Place each fried Lumpia Giniling on a paper towel-covered strainer. Let each piece drain excess oil on the towel to remove the grease, prior to serving. Serve hot or cold as an appetizer or a side dish.

Tip: Fried Lumpias are usually served as appetizers on social or family gatherings. You can dip them on sweet & sour sauce. If not, vinegar with a tiny drop of fish sauce is best for a dip.