“My husband and I knew each other for quite some time before “tying the knot” in Manila… celebrated our wedding with an interestingly weird ceremony attached to it. With love and devotion, through thick and thin, we stay together enjoying our times of adventures, mostly around loving families and close friends.

Like most of us in the family, I was born and raised in Ligao, City, lived with one of my older sisters while in high school, in Guinobatan. I took college courses in Legazpi, but completed my bachelor’s degree in Manila. A year and a half after completing college, I then moved to the USA, in search of a greener pasture.

I’ve learned many things through the years, like cooking and building our family website. We have a breed of talents that I’m proud of to tell stories about. Smart ones, the not-so-smart ones tongue-out, singers, artists, musicians, teachers, lawyers, nurses, CPAs, COOKS! Such talents need complimented!” – Nimfa