At Millie’s Kitchen, you’ll find a delicious array of dishes made from scratch, from Pinoy seafood recipes to Filipino meat recipes, and even some American-influenced favorites. With a background in Food Service Technology & Management and a lifelong passion for cooking, Millie brings a relaxed and casual approach to the kitchen.

Instead of planning out meals ahead of time, she works with the ingredients on hand to whip up delectable dishes on the spot. Come experience Millie’s cooking and you’ll never leave the table hungry!

I’m bound to cook, I even went to college for it! I grew up around cooking. My aunt brought me up learning to make all kinds of goodies for parties and gatherings. In college, I majored in Food Service Technology & Management, and I’ve been cooking since!

Bruce and I have been married for over 30 years.  Our wedding was held in a small farm in a patch of Shasta Daisies. The nuptial was so private… we were amazed to see the family’s farm cows coming over to watch, then left as soon as the ceremony was over. Together we raised our sweetest, lovely, pride and joy in the world, Melissa Renee.

Cooking is my daily workout and I’ll be doing it for the rest of my life. When I welcome you in my home, I swear you will never be hungry!” – Millie