Between growing up around a family of Filipino recipe experts, and her on-going adaptation to Belgian cuisine, from where she now resides, Mel continously masters creative ways in preparing fiery-delicious meals for her loved ones. From her lobster dish, to her cocosmilk papillote, to chicken adobado or tortang talong, Mel can cook a meal from whatever ingredient she has at the time.

What she learned as a cook from a prominent restaurant in the city where she lives, has contributed to that natural talent in food creations that she now possesses. Despite all that, she never forgets her roots, and how she was brought up, as far as meal preparations are concerned. No surprise!

My friends and family call me Mel for short. I’ve been living in Belgium for over 20 years. My husband, Jeff and I both raise our lovely daughter, my pride and joy, Kylie, who’s now in college. My first in a different country at the time was a bit strange to me.

Learning another language to be able to adjust to their culture was quite a challenge. Knowing the fact that I was leaving my family to a strange world wasn’t easy… but time has changed through all those years! I now have a daughter I treasure so dearly. As time went on, preparing Belgian dishes became my interest. Learning to acquire to their cookings and their recipe preparations became my passion… and it’s now my profession.

Although I’ve been in Belgium for many long years, my heart still belongs to my hometown, Guinobatan. My love for our customs and traditions, specially our foods and our ways of cooking remains the same!” – Mel