Mark takes the lead in the kitchen, whipping up all-authentic Bicol recipes made from scratch. From his mouth-watering pork adobo to his flavorful Igado, and from his classic menudo to his sizzling inihaw recipes, his cooking brings back aromatic memories of the old town where we grew up. With simple ingredients, Mark transforms them into tantalizing dishes that are sure to satisfy.

When it’s time for a party meal, he is always the go-to, working tirelessly to create delicious and appetizing meals for his loved ones. His natural talent in cooking, honed from lessons learned from his father, sets him apart from the rest of his family, all of whom are talented in the kitchen as well.

I live with my wife, Melissa, and our 3 boys, in a small town called Guinobatan. It has become my second hometown since raising my family. Where I was actually born is in a tiny Barangay town called Cavasi, which is in Ligao, City. I was raised in a simple life, with 5 of my siblings. We didn’t have much, but we surrounded ourselves with lots of love and fun memories. I recall us growing vegetables and poultry at our backyard, and the food we had were mostly homegrown.

I probably got this gene of cooking good food from my father. He is an excellent cook. I’m no perfect cook, I don’t always have recipes to follow. I gather whatever we got from my pantry, then do my best to produce a good tasting meal, my family can enjoy each day.

I try to share my recipes by selling them to my neighbors. We don’t have a fancy store, but I create enough meals that my wife and I can sell at our front yard. I’m proud of what I can accomplish each day.” – Mark