She blends sophistication and street-smart cooking techniques to bring delicious meals to her family’s dinner table. From her hearty pansit dishes to her savory Pinakbet and ginisa recipes, and even her creative take on Pinoy Mac & Cheese, she always strives to ensure the authenticity of each Filipino dish she prepares, despite her busy schedule balancing work and home.

Janis also inspires herself in learning international cuisines… for instance,  Korean cooking. And her kidos love it!

As a child, I watched my parents cook delicious foods from our outdoor kitchen. I loved the taste of spicy Bicol dishes cooked in coconut milk, and fried fish on the side. It’s the staple food on our table during family dinners. While a few vegetables were planted and harvested from our backyard, I enjoyed exploring our local market, looking for fresh produce and ingredients. As I moved to the city in college, I was exposed to many unique dishes and specialties from other provinces.

While overseas, I continue to explore around international cultures and foods, unabashingly eager to try one menu to the next. This drives my passion for cooking, and so, I try to experiment on preparing one dish to another, while adding my own twist on every meal I serve.

Now that I’m a wife and a mother of two, though it may not be everyday, I often cook Bicol dishes, not only to satisfy my cravings, but to perfect my recipes and be able to serve good meals for my family.” – Janis

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