Bicol’s original recipe for Bicol Express is a testament to the region’s rich culinary heritage. The Bicolanos, native to the region, are known for their penchant for spicy food, and this dish perfectly encapsulates that love. Using a mix of green and red chili peppers, the spice level in a traditional Bicol Express is not for the faint-hearted. Moreover, the creamy consistency of the coconut milk, combined with the unique flavors of bagoong alamang, creates a symphony of flavors that dances on the palate. The authentic and unadulterated version of Bicol Express, staying true to Bicol’s original recipe, celebrates the region’s abundant produce and its residents’ creativity in the kitchen.

Over time, Bicol Express has seen various adaptations as chefs and home cooks experiment with different ingredients, trying to put their spin on this classic. From including meats like pork and shrimp to adding vegetables, Bicol Express’s evolutions reflect its growing popularity and the desire to cater to diverse palates. But no matter the variation, the essence of Bicol’s original recipe remains at its core. The harmonious blend of spicy and creamy, combined with the umami punch from the shrimp paste, ensures that every version of Bicol Express resonates with the fundamental spirit of Bicolano gastronomy.

The immense popularity of Bicol Express extends beyond the borders of the Bicol region. Across the Philippines and even internationally, food enthusiasts and culinary experts recognize and appreciate the beauty of Bicol’s original recipe. As Filipino cuisine continues gaining traction on the global stage, Bicol Express is a shining example of the country’s vast and diverse culinary landscape. Whether it’s enjoyed at a traditional eatery in Bicol, a bustling restaurant in Manila, or a Filipino dining establishment overseas, Bicol Express carries the warmth, passion, and flavor of its origins.

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Mel’s Authentic Bicol Express Recipe