In the Philippines, a wide range of Puto styles vary depending on the region. Some of the popular types include Puto Bumbong, Puto Kutsinta, Puto Lanson, Cheese Puto, and Puto Seco. However, one unique and original Puto recipe from the Bicol region is the “Puto na may Bukayo”. This particular steamed rice cake is made by blending standard and glutinous rice with sugar, milk, and water. The mixture is then molded into a coconut shell and filled with Bukayo, which is sweetened coconut flakes. The Puto is steamed, resulting in a deliciously sweet and flavorful treat. It is important to note that Puto na may Bukayo is exclusively a Bicol recipe and is not commonly found in other regions of the Philippines.

Puto na may Bukayo, a classic Bicolano delicacy, showcases the vibrant, complex flavors of the Philippine islands in a small, steamed rice cake. Traditionally made with rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, and baking powder, Puto is well-known and enjoyed throughout the country. What sets the Puto na may Bukayo apart is the delightful addition of Bukayo, a sweet coconut filling made from shredded coconut meat caramelized with sugar. This combination creates a treat that is both sweet and satisfying, blending the soft, chewy texture of Puto with the rich, indulgent flavor of Bukayo. A batch of freshly steamed Puto na may Bukayo makes for an ideal snack, a delightful dessert, or an exciting addition to any feast or celebration.

In the world of Filipino sweets, Puto na may Bukayo holds a special place. This delicacy brings together two cherished elements of the country’s culinary heritage, Puto and Bukayo, in a single bite. The Puto, being mild in taste and delicate in texture, perfectly complements the sweetness and complexity of the Bukayo. Every bite of Puto na may Bukayo is a celebration of Filipino culinary craftsmanship, offering a unique and mouthwatering experience. Whether enjoyed during the famous Filipino mid-afternoon snack, Merienda, or as a standalone treat, Puto na may Bukayo delivers a sweet taste of the Philippines that will always leave you wanting more.

Ube-flavored Puto na may Bukayo

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Unflavored Glutenous Rice Puto sa Bukayo