Mastering the art of wrapping Lumpia or Eggrolls can be straightforward, but beginners may need some guidance to perfect the process. Following a few quick helpful steps can ensure a smooth and successful wrapping experience.

Tips on finding the right lumpia wrappers and keeping them reusable:

  • Locate the right Lumpia wrapper: The best place to find a variety of suitable Lumpia wrappers is at Asian markets.
  • Choose a high-quality brand: While there are numerous eggroll wrapper brands available at Asian markets, consider using a brand called “Menlo” for consistently good results.
  • Be aware of potential issues with some wrappers: Some Lumpia wrappers may dry out quickly or tear easily during the wrapping process.
  • Avoid wrappers that are too thick: Some wrappers may be designed for other recipes, like wontons or dumplings, and could be unsuitable for Lumpia or Eggrolls (though they might work for Chinese-style eggrolls).
  • Opt for a brand with the right thickness, softness, and moisture: This will make it easier to separate individual wrappers and ensure a proper seal. While there are many good brands, Menlo remains a top choice for many.
  • Store Lumpia wrappers properly: Keep them frozen when not in use to maintain freshness. Use eggs to seal eggroll wrappers, as they adhere better than water.
  • Preserve unused wrappers: Keep leftover wrappers tightly closed before freezing them again. If left slightly open, they can dry out, harden, and become unusable.
  • Protect wrappers during use: Exposure to open air can cause wrappers to dry out quickly. Ensure they are covered while waiting to be used.
  • Maintain wrapper moisture: Use a clean, damp towel to shield separated wrapper sheets from exposure, helping to keep them moist and ready for use. Double-bag any leftover Lumpia wrappers and seal them tightly before refreezing to prevent ice exposure and maintain their moisture for future use.

How to wrap Lumpia or Eggrolls:

  • Moist a thick, clean kitchen towel prior to opening a pack of lumpia wrappers. Lay the towel flat on a clean table. This will be used to keep the wrappers moist as you go along with the wrapping process.
  • Open the eggroll wrappers packet. Start separating each wrapper gently, to avoid tearing them apart. On one edge of the towel, place each piece on the moisted towel on top of each other. 
  • After each piece is separated and organized on the moist towel. Use the open edge of the towel to cover the ready-to-use wrappers. Keep wrappers moist by covering them with a clean moist towel to prevent them from drying up.
  • Crack open and scramble the egg on a medium bowl. The scramble egg will be used to seal the lumpia wrapper. Another option is for you to wet the edge of the wrapper with the eggrolls or lumpia sauce. It’s up to you.
  • Using one piece at a time, place one eggroll wrapper sheet on a clean flat surface or a plate, positioning the lumpia wrapper to a diamond shape, with one of the corner tips pointed towards you. Be sure to keep the other wrappers to stay moist by covering them with the moist towel each and everytime you pull out one.
  • Horizontally spread 1-2 tablespoons of the mixed ingredients on the lower part of the wrapper(part that’s closer to you), but leave enough space on the edge that will allow you to fold the tip facing you, as the first step to secure the Lumpia fillings.
  • Grab the left and right corners of the wrapper towards the center, tuck both ends in, then gently roll the closed fillings towards the top edge of the wrapper.
  • Once wrapped, seal the top edge by brushing it with the scrambled egg. Press the tip down to stick with the opposite edge of the wrapper to finally secure the fillings.
  • Repeat the same procedure until every piece of Lumpia is wrapped and ready for frying.

Below is a quick video for further instruction.

Freshly Wrapped Chicken & Shrimp Lumpia

Lumpia(Eggrolls) is done in different ways with different ingredients. My family likes it made with a combination of chopped carrots, celery and bean sprouts, then sautéed with shredded boiled chicken and chopped fresh shrimps, prior to wrapping and frying. We promise, you will love it!

Deep-fried, Delicious Lumpia