As Bicolanos, we take pride in our contributions to the Philippine society in many ways, especially regarding food. For decades, Bicolanos have created many kinds of recipes that are now widely known while trying our best to introduce other delicious recipes that are still yet to be known. Among the many is Balisongsong.

Balisongsong is a Bicolano snack or breakfast that has been served and continues to be served on every Bicol dinner table. As a child, I recall making this sweet and tasty sweet to serve us to enjoy. My beautiful mother (God bless her soul) was a Balisongsong expert.

Making Balisongsong is not so complicated. Traditionally all it is is mixing a few usual ingredients, including glutinous rice flour in a fair amount of coconut milk, shredded young coconut strips, and sugar, then steamed until ready to consume. Others have become slightly more adventurous when making Balisongsong on their own by adding more ingredients, like pandan flavorings.

Overall, Balisongsong remains to be one of my favorite original Bicolano sweets. It is slowly being introduced by other Bicolano food enthusiasts on social media like Facebook and Youtube.