A symphony of rich flavors and fiery heat, Bicol Express is a special Bicolano chili recipe: a Filipino delicacy that resonates with the culinary ethos of the Philippines. Characterized by its indulgent fat content and the generous use of spicy chili peppers, it’s a dish that tantalizes taste buds. Although it gained widespread fame in Malate, Manila, its roots can be traced back to the Bicol region. The moniker “Bicol Express” was bestowed by a resident of Laguna during a culinary competition in Manila.

The name was inspired by the train service that once traversed the route from Tutuban, Manila, to Legazpi City, reflecting the dish’s journey from humble origins to national acclaim.
Bicol Express holds a special place in my heart because of its significance. One of the best versions of this Bicolano Chili recipe was prepared by my late nephew, Andrew, who had an extraordinary talent for cooking. His unique take on the Bicol Express recipe transformed the traditional dish into something magical. Not only was he an adept cook, but he also had an eye for photography, capturing his culinary creations in a way that echoed their flavor and artistry. His interpretation of Bicol Express was one of the precious few Bicol delicacies that I’ve had the pleasure of featuring on our homepage.

Like all of Andrew’s creations, this Bicol Express recipe reflected his passion and talent in the kitchen. Although his time with us was cut short, his memory and the tangible legacy of his culinary skills live on through his Bicol Express recipe. The dish serves as a vibrant reminder of Andrew’s undeniable talent and his significant impact on our lives. His version of the renowned Filipino Chili recipe remains a cherished favorite, not just for its flavor but for the warmth and love it symbolizes, stirring fond memories of a loved one who left us too soon.